18 oct. 2010

...Different weekend...

Pues si, como ya todos sabéis, Bea, vino este finde a Madrid. Y para que veáis lo bien que lo pasamos aquí os dejo con las fotos de la cena en un mexicano y la posterior fiesta en el Independance.

This weekend was different from the rest because Bea, from ''Bailando en una maceta'' came to visit us. 
We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant and then we went to Independance, our favourite place to dance all night!

Me, Clara and Bea.

Party pics!!

** Y por fin ha salido el reportaje que nos hicieron en Miau Magazine. Podéis verlo aquí.
Muchas gracias por todo!!!

** And finally, our feature for Miau Magazine is ready. So, you can check it out here
It is called a ''Fashion Afternoon''. We (Clara, Lorena, Erea and me) showed some Vintage shops in our city and prepare some outfits. Then we went to our favourite bar, Manuela, and there we were talking about fashion, blogs, and so on....
It was really funny. 
Thanks a lot to Miau Magazine!!

¿¿Qué tal vuestro finde??

How about your weekend??