27 may. 2012

Sister Power

One of my favourite brands when it comes to jewelry is DANNIJO
So once again, I checked it out and discovered that this brand was founded in 2008 by sisters Danielle and Jodie Snyder. They started designing and selling pieces in high school and now DANNIJO is sold at select, high-end stores and boutiques around the world including Net-a-porter and many more.
The story behind the brand is amazing, you should read it in their bio
DANNIJO is a mix of ''Danielle’s bohemian, rocker vibe combined with Jodie’s timeless sophistication ''.

Next pictures belong to a collaboration Leandra (The Man Repeller) did some months ago with the brand, co-designing some pieces along with the Dannijo sisters. The collection is called Eye Spies and it's amazing!!!!!

They also did a trailer, it's very funny, you should
 watch it!

21 may. 2012

Flat-shoes syndrome

almost Every girl in the world wants to be taller, that's why we use high heels.
I do love high heels, wedges, platforms, everything that makes me some cms taller.
But I have noticed something strangely weird  every morning when I get dressed and even when I go shopping,
most of the time I find myself wearing flat shoes almost every day and I end up buying flat shoes almost every time I go shopping
 (my last 3 purchases were flat shoes!!!!!).

Ok. I think I'm developing the famous flat-shoes syndrome.
So that's why I've decided to make some collages full of great ideas of flat-shoes syndrome girls wearing, obviously, flat shoes, 
that, in my opinion, are AMAZING.

And after spending hours and hours looking for flat-shoes-girls to show you,
I must confess that I love being a flat-shoes-girl myself
and that I am very proud of it!!

* Are you a flat-shoes-girl????

All pictures thanks to Stockholm Street Style

13 may. 2012

Backyard feelings

You know the feeling when you find a great blog and you don't want to do anything but read the whole thing over and over again?
Well, that's exactly what happened to me the very first day I entered Backyard Bill

The first picture is one of my favourites,
and the portraits are amazing too,
Don't you think?

8 may. 2012

Love story

Some time ago I was checking my favourite blogs and then in one of them I saw this beautiful collection. 
I wrote down the name of the brand in a piece of paper and lost it. 
But yesterday I found this paper and here it is.
Let me introduce you to the amazing Lazzari, a gorgeous Italian brand.
 Ok, I must confess I have a huge crush on it but how could I not fall in love with this pictures???!!
Anyway, we've been together since then, we can't be separated anymore.
And this is my love story, hope you like it!

4 may. 2012

Do you mix?

I came across these beautiful ensembles from MSGM Pre-Fall collection 2012/2013 some days ago and I had to blog about them here. 
From floral prints to metallic details, geometric patterns, tweed accents, spiked heels and glitter sunnies.
Everything is perfect head to toe! 

Do you mix?