8 dic. 2010

Barcelona (day 1)

Todo empezó el sábado en Barajas cuando nos dijeron que gracias a ''nuestros queridos amigos'' los controladores aéreos, todos los vuelos estaban cancelados.
Entonces no nos lo pensamos y decidimos cambiar la rapidez del avión por las 8 horas del autobús.
Este es el principio de un viaje inolvidable, conocido ya como ''una serie de catastróficas desdichas''. 
De momento os enseño las primeras fotos que tomamos en alguna parte de nuestro amplio recorrido de 8 horas entre Madrid y Barcelona.

* Everything started last Saturday at the airport when we were informed that thanks to our 'dear' air traffic controllers all flights in Spain were cancelled.
So, we decided to change the comfort and speed of a plane for an 8-hours bus.
This is the beginning of an unforgettable trip, which is now known as 'a series of unfortunate events' (...another story for another post....), but for now, I'm going to show you the very first pictures we took in the middle of somewhere between Madrid and Barcelona, where the bus stopped for 15 minutes. 

...this place could be Poland.....don't you think?

To be continued...

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