29 ago. 2012

Summer ends....

 On top of a high mountain called ''Peña de Francia''
With Virginia!!
The boys!
Beautiful Virginia from NotStranger.
me on the phone and the rest in Ciudad Rodrigo
Amazing sunset from my house

Now that I look at this pictures I realized how much I miss my friends,
 since Silvia is in Burundi, Mery in Mexico and Ariel in San Francisco and even Virginia in Barcelona...
This weekend was like the last time we were all together. 
I really don't know when are we going to meet again, maybe during Xmas.
 We spent the weekend between my hometown in Salamanca and the Portuguese border. So good memories!!

Madrid Fashion Week starts this weekend,
and some blogger friends are arriving to town,
can't wait to see them all!!

22 ago. 2012

They are here!

They are here!  
They've finally arrived!
 I'm not talking about poltergeist or ghosts!
I'm talking about the coolest temporary tattoos ever.
If you are too afraid of real ones (like me) or you just want to have fun, don't hesitate it and try them!
I got mine yesterday and they are amazing. I'm planning to get more asap for fashion week!!
What are you waiting for?

Psst Psst, now and till the end of summer you can buy 2 tattoos for just 3€!! you better run!!

Go visit Tattoonie for more!