31 ene. 2011

Just another work outfit

Ya he recibido el pedido de Asos. Y sólo una semana después. Increíble!!!!!
Es muchísimo mejor que lo que me esperaba. Estoy encantada.

** I've just received my order from Asos. Only 7 days later!! Amazing!!!  
Everything is better than I expected. 
I'll try to show you the new items soon.

This is a simple outfit for a simple day at work.

Por fin me hice Flickr
Llevaba mucho tiempo queriéndolo y al final se me olvidaba. 
Pero ayer lo conseguí!!!!

Finally, I've joined Flickr
I wanted to do it for a long time but I never did, till yesterday.

Hope everyone is having a lovely beginning of the week!!
Happy Monday!!

Sheer Dress and 
skirt - H&M 

Belt - Massimo Dutti

Cross necklace - Fashionology 
Loafers - Zara
Coat - Bimba y Lola

24 ene. 2011

The new Sundays

I have no idea of how interesting and productive a lazy Sunday could be....

totally recommended!!

 Everything is from Asos. 
Free shipping worldwide!!!!

** And now, Lost is calling me. 
I know I'm running a bit late...
I'm now in season fourth and can't wait!!!

17 ene. 2011

Sunny Winter Sunday

Last week, winter gave us a break, temperatures were warmer and it was wonderful.
Indeed, I could take off my coat for some days, unbelievable!

Yesterday, I spent the day in ''El Rastro'', which is a gigantic flea market in the centre of Madrid.
I haven't gone there for ages!! I almost forgot the great amount o people you can see there...
Anyway, if you are from outside Madrid and you are planning to stop for a while, you can go there and have a walk, if you can!!! and after the hustle and bustle, you can go and relax having some ''tapas'' in ''El mercado de San Miguel'', next to ''La plaza Mayor''. This old market was built in 1916, but today has been transformed into a new gastronomic and delicatessen centre in Madrid.
You can have the most delicious tapas you've ever tried!!!!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!!

playing some glass music... 


I want them all ...

 love that doctor bag...

 the famous market...

Poncho - Cortefiel
Jacket - Massimo Dutty
Loafers - Topshop
Cross necklace - Fashionology

Thanks for stopping by!!

¿¿Quién se apunta a unas cañas en el Mercado de San Miguel??

9 ene. 2011

Birthday time

25 years ago,
a little girl was born.
It was a cold January day.

25 years later, today,
that little girl is not a girl anymore.
Time goes by so fast.

My mother and me.

My grandad and me.

that little girl
(July, 1986).

4 ene. 2011

If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands!!

After 4 days of confinement at home, I could finally go out yesterday to buy some presents for my family/boyfriend/and myself.
It was awesome, I could see the sun light again!!
H&M sales were amazing. I need to get back soon again. 
I ordered a necklace from Fashionology too. They've got some great pieces. 
You should check it out!
I really appreciate all your comments, all of you send me some positive energy and thanks to it, I am now fully recovered.

I'm wearing my new-ugly boots. It's true, they are ugly. I don't know but they caught my eye, it was just 15€, I couldn't resist.
And the cape is a family gift that I was expecting since last year. Vintage of course!!

I know my feet look bigger, but I don't mind... 

Cape - Vintage
Sweater and bag - H&M

Después de 4 días, he salido a la calle, siii!!!!!!!
He hecho las típicas compras de reyes, me he gastado un pastón, he ido de rebajas, me he gastado menos, y me he hecho fotos!! por fin!!
Han sido 2 días increíbles, he vuelto a ver la luz del sol!!!!!
Y mañana a darlo todo porque vienen los reyes!!!!!!

Que contenta estoy por dios!!!!!