30 oct. 2011

Girls who like boys

Photography/editing - Sue (me)
Idea/styling - Clara Loughlin
Models - Kevin Loughlin and Silvia de León

This is a different version of the Woolrich shooting we did last week.
I love black and white pictures.

28 oct. 2011

G-Star Women's Night

Last Wednesday I went to the G-Star Women's Night in their shop in Madrid.
I have to admit it's one of these shops I rarely visit,
 in fact it was my first time, 
but I had the opportunity to see the collection,
and there were some pieces that caught my eye.
Among those pieces were the boots, jackets, parkas and knit cardigans.
It was a night full of clothes, music, sushi (delicious!!) and the best company.

El miércoles pasado fui a la G-Star Women's Night 
en su tienda de la calle Mayor en Madrid.
Tengo que admitir que es de esas tiendas a las que rara vez voy,
 de hecho fue mi primera vez.
Una vez allí tuve la oportunidad de ver la colección
 y algunas cosas me llamaron especialmente la atención.
Lo mejor las botas, cazadoras, parkas y chaquetas de punto.
Como siempre una noche genial llena de ropa, música, sushi y la mejor compañía.

These are the gifts they gave to us: October issue of Harper's Bazaar, a cd, an agenda, a necklace and a little lookbook. 

17 oct. 2011

Boy like

Kind of reinterpretation of a Teddy boy.
I found this pair of pseudo-mary jane-creepers last week
lost in my garage,
they were one of my favourite shoes as a teenager.

Encontré el otro día esta especie de creepers en mi garaje,
me las solía poner un montón hace años.
A raíz del último post decidí hacer mi propia versión 
de un Teddy boy y me vinieron que ni pintado!

Hope you like it!

13 oct. 2011

Jeepers Creepers!

Imagine how your life would be in London during the 50's...
 Teddy boys and girls photographed by Ken Russell.
Now imagine you are back in June 2007 and 
you see this editorial from Vogue Nippon.

Any similarities??

I can't stop thinking about that movement called the Teddy boys
and all its influence on future cultural movements, such as the mods, rockers...
During the 1970's, rockabilly music gained a lot of popularity 
and showed a great interest in the Teddy Boy style. 
The look was taken up by Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren
 through their shop 'Let it Rock' on London's Kings Road. 
And now thanks to brands like Dolce&Gabbana, 
Prada, Sonia Rykiel, Comme des Garcons...
the revival of that age is possible, 
and the return of the creepers is now a reality.
We've been seing them a lot during this summer in blogs, magazines...
but the thing is they were always here, they never disappear...

And these are my favourite creepers.

Creepers above from Underground via Asos, Topshop and Romwe.

What do you think? Do you like them?
Would you wear them?
Tell me!!

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11 oct. 2011

Flaming 80's Flea Market & Friends

Photographs by Andrea

Photographs by me

Last Saturday Rosana celebrated her birthday 
and a Flaming, 80's inspired, Flea Market.
A perfect afternoon full of friends, vintage, sweets and a chocolate cake.
It's not the first time she organises a flea market in her place,
I think it was the fourth time!!
Rosana is the owner of Demode Vintage, a vintage online store.
Don't miss it!!

El sábado pasado Rosana celebró su cuarto
 y ya famoso Flaming 80's Flea Market & Friends.
Esta vez era diferente ya que también celebrábamos su cumpleaños.
Fue una tarde genial llena de amigos, vintage, comida rica y tarta de chocolate.
Si no conocéis a Rosana, ya podéis echar un vistazo a su web,
y empezar a comprar porque tiene cosas increíbles.

6 oct. 2011

New Red Hair in Town

Quick update to show you my new hair colour!!
I've always had brown hair, and I liked it, 
but last Halloween as part of my costume (remember???),
I decided to get my hair dark, soooooo dark.
I was really tired of black at the end, so my mum helped me lighten it.
After having some colour-hair problems, everything turns up really cool.
What do you think? Yay or nay?

Post rapidito para enseñaros mi nuevo color de pelo!!
Siempre he sido castaña, pero el pasado Halloween 
decidí teñirlo suuuuper oscuro como parte del disfraz.
Al final me cansé y hace unos días mi madre me ayudó a aclararlo un pelín,
 después de varios tintes y colores diferentes, éste es el resultado final.
Creo que no ha quedado tan mal no?
Qué os parece?

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1 oct. 2011

Dadá by Juana Martín

Without a doubt one of my favourite collections during Madrid FW. 
I let the photographs speak for themselves.

All photographs taken by me.

I still have tons of photographs to show you from Madrid FW,
 but as I don't want to bore you,
 I'll try to make a selection of my favourites
 and upload the rest into my Flickr account. 

Todavía tengo montones de fotos de Cibeles para enseñaros, 
pero como no quiero aburriros tanto, 
voy a hacer una selección de mis preferidas para el blog 
y el resto irán directamente a mi Flickr

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