29 ene. 2012

African spirits

Now that fashion week season is about to start, I wanted to show you this pictures I shot of one of my favourite collections during Madrid FW. 
That is Martin Lamothe's Pop up the Volume! 
I can't wait to see what Elena Martin has in store for us for next season. 
So see you all on Feb 4th!!
Let's fashion week madness start!!

20 ene. 2012

Winter sun

Hat - Zara, Coat - Bimba&aLola

We are having so many wonderful days during this winter.
 So, the best thing to do is spend the whole day outside 
and take pictures under the sunlight. 
How is the week treating you?

12 ene. 2012

My favourites

Shoes, boots and hat: Zara - Coat: Bimba&Lola - Bag: Vintage

               Let me introduce you to my new mates. 
      They are already my favourite ones.  
         Hope you all are having a lovely week!!!