4 feb. 2011

Brogue-me baby

Estas son las primeras fotos con mi nuevo objetivo Sigma. 
Y la verdad es que no podría estar más contenta!

These are the first outfit pictures with my new Sigma Lenses (18-200 for Nikon), and I love the result.

This camel coat was my mother's, 
another incredible item I found hidden in her wardrobe a month ago.
My favourite pair of shoes: my Topshop brogues.
And to finish, my new leopard cape from Asos. 
It was love at first sight!

Tomorrow I'm going to the Flaming Flea Market & Friends (2nd edition)
thanks to Rosana.
She is the owner of an absolutely recommended online vintage store.
It's going to be great!!

You mustn't miss her webpage, so click here!