21 may. 2012

Flat-shoes syndrome

almost Every girl in the world wants to be taller, that's why we use high heels.
I do love high heels, wedges, platforms, everything that makes me some cms taller.
But I have noticed something strangely weird  every morning when I get dressed and even when I go shopping,
most of the time I find myself wearing flat shoes almost every day and I end up buying flat shoes almost every time I go shopping
 (my last 3 purchases were flat shoes!!!!!).

Ok. I think I'm developing the famous flat-shoes syndrome.
So that's why I've decided to make some collages full of great ideas of flat-shoes syndrome girls wearing, obviously, flat shoes, 
that, in my opinion, are AMAZING.

And after spending hours and hours looking for flat-shoes-girls to show you,
I must confess that I love being a flat-shoes-girl myself
and that I am very proud of it!!

* Are you a flat-shoes-girl????

All pictures thanks to Stockholm Street Style