27 may. 2012

Sister Power

One of my favourite brands when it comes to jewelry is DANNIJO
So once again, I checked it out and discovered that this brand was founded in 2008 by sisters Danielle and Jodie Snyder. They started designing and selling pieces in high school and now DANNIJO is sold at select, high-end stores and boutiques around the world including Net-a-porter and many more.
The story behind the brand is amazing, you should read it in their bio
DANNIJO is a mix of ''Danielle’s bohemian, rocker vibe combined with Jodie’s timeless sophistication ''.

Next pictures belong to a collaboration Leandra (The Man Repeller) did some months ago with the brand, co-designing some pieces along with the Dannijo sisters. The collection is called Eye Spies and it's amazing!!!!!

They also did a trailer, it's very funny, you should
 watch it!

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  1. Ole por Leandra porque me encanta la colección ,es genial!!!
    Un besote guapa

  2. el video es una pasada!!me encantó!y los diseños muy chulos.

  3. Me encantó esa entrada.
    Aunque vaya, lo cierto es que me encanta casi siempre^^

  4. Hello
    Sister Power
    First-class info is really here. Great looking site you have here and great post too. Thank you.

  5. Interesting ideas and style concepts!

  6. Me encantan todas las fotos! super cukiss!

    los zapatos tricolores... sencillamente me chiflan!! ajajaja
    aquí encontre unos muy parecidos!! Espero que te gustenn! :D

    un besitoo!!

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  8. Hola :)
    Me encantan las fotos y el vídeo está genial :)
    Te sigo el blog, vale?
    Acabo de empezar un blog hace un par de semanas y me gustaría que te pasaras y le echaras un vistazo y si te gusta, me siguieras a mi también! :)
    Un beso, guapa! :D

  9. Love the pictures, great accessories!

    xo Jules

  10. ¡Me encanta este post!
    Las fotos, los estilismos... todo!
    Aquí tienes una nueva seguidora :)
    Un beso.



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