12 abr. 2012

Fluorescent Adolescent

Say hello to my new baby! 
I couldn't resist, 
could you???

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  1. I want that bag so badly!! Too bad, that they had bit of a mess with the stuff here in Switzerland and the neon stuff isn't available yet:(


    Mia's Little Corner

  2. me encantan los bolsos flúor, tengo alguno fichado en h&m que tampoco se puede resistir!

    Besitos de ECLECTIC SONJA


  3. Es precioso!! Pero creo que para mi bolsillo un poco caro, así que me tendré que resistir si o si :(

    Un besazo guapa

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  5. hey love. as a thank you to everyone for helping me win Lauren Conrad's blogger contest, I'm having a fabulous giveaway I'd love for you to enter. Swing by for all the details. xo


  6. Hey
    Fluorescent Adolescent
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  7. Amazing color! Neon colors look so great especially in bags! <3

    Greetings from Finland,


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