17 jul. 2012

Things to do!

I've realized that most of the things that inspires me lately are related to home decoration.
And this is obviously because I can't wait to decorate my own home.
I really hope I can do it soon.
Meanwhile these are some of the things I am planning to do when moving in.
1. Wallpaper: I've never had wallpaper at home, but it's one of the things I'm going to try, and I can change it anytime I want.
 2A big window with no curtains. This in particular is beautiful!
 3. Wall decorations: some photos and little postcards are perfect. And the idea of the frame with the shelf inside is amazing, don't you think? 
 4Exposed brick wallYou either love it or hate it. I've always liked the beauty and historical character of exposed brick, but never been lucky enough to have one. The color and texture can be a challenge when decorating, but I think brick can be more flexible than you think. 
5. Again wallpaper: this time in the kitchen and with funny drawings. Love!!!
 6Steel bed: This bed brings me memories of my past. I used to sleep on a similar one in my hometown with my great-aunt during the summer. I need one!
7. Again wallpaper but this time in the bedroom and with flowers. 
8. This trunk night table is definitely one of the things I need to have next to my bed.

Images from Freshome

20 comentarios:

  1. Nos hacemos mayores, querida, a mí me pasa exactamente igual. Calculo que a los 35 podré irme de casa y todas las imágenes de casas inspiracionales estarán pasadísimas.

  2. The wall in the first photo is absolutely awesome.... Wow, thanks for sharing. xx

  3. We are redecorating our home right now, too. It takes time, but it's fun!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. I love these pictures! I'm so useless at decorating I love too many different styles and I can never decide which to go for! Also I have a tendencey to leave the job half done.
    Cara x

  5. Totalmente de acuerdo!!! Yo también lo espero ansiosamente el momento, dicen que lo bueno se hace esperar... ¡¡Que así sea!! ;)

    La decoración de las paredes es lo más!!

  6. these are all such pretty ideas- i have a teenie studio and im OBSESSED with decorating it. i really like the funny wallpaper in the kitchen, it's such a cute idea :)

  7. woah! I love EVERY single photo!! xx

  8. Yo creo que hay pocas cosas mejores que decorar tu casa!! :-)

    Saludos desde 'Me visto solo' [Man] - mevistosolo.blogspot.com

  9. Love wallpaper from first photo !!!

  10. I love how crisp mostly white rooms look. I would love to do that type of style in my future home but Im really mesy so I dont know how wll that would work out!


  11. So clean and modern, ditto the above though - I'm hopelessly messy I could never keep a room so perfect!


  12. Love the wallpaper in the kitchen with the cows on :) xx

  13. Hello beautiful!
    Today I posted "31 reasons to love Spain" and your blog is one of them!
    Click here to view the list: http://susanna-behindmyeyes.blogspot.fi/2012/07/31-reasons-to-love-spain.html

    your newest follower, Susanna

  14. Me encantan las fotos de decoración! estas son muy muy inspiradoras!
    Porcierto acabo de descubrir tu blog y me encanta! me seguiré pasando por aqui para no perderme detalle!Te espero por el mio! un besazo!:)

  15. (creo que ya he visto este post pero me encanta igualmente...) Yo quiero aprovechar un par de días que tengo libres antes de irme de vacas para hacer una pequeña remodelación en mi cuarto... a ver si al final hay ganas... qué hiciste al final con los mocasines y las cuñas de river island? ya m contarás! un bsoo

  16. This whole style of the room is to die for!
    I especially love the wallpaper idea! I want to include it in my new bedroom!

    Check out my blog!


  17. Omg! Great place to live in, I love it! <3

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  18. Nos hacemos mayores, querida, a mí me personally pasa exactamente igual. Calculo qui the los Thirty-five podré irme de casa ful todas las imágenes signifiant casas inspiracionales estarán pasadísimas.buy rs gold

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